A quick update

A lot has been happening for the past couple of months, and losing my sister was life’s biggest slap to me. I’ve been busy at work too trying to get my regularization that when I get home I immediately sleep. Weekends are no good too, I just want a break from the computer since I can’t control myself from checking my work mail whenever I go online.

I can update alldariagifs by the end of the year, something that will probably take off a bit of my stress and can keep me occupied since I got a new job (closer to home too).

Thanks for the messages and requests.

I promise to update this blog by the end of the year. A small Christmas present to everyone who continuously follow this blog.

veganxvxstraightedgexxx-deactiv said: I totally agree with the last paragraph. Daria was much more than a show. It was a great learning experience for young people to explore through their own eyes just how much stress and anxiety they can go through. Buffy and Daria were the best (:

Yes, I agree that watching Daria is a learning experience. One of the reason why I made this blog is to share it with the younger generation and probably they’ll get to learn the things I did.

I actually haven’t watched Buffy, but I guess it’s been a part of most of the 90’s kids growing up. 

*Again requests are still encouraged, I’ll be having a long weekend at the end of the month and I’ll be able to work on them by then. Thanks!:)

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